Have you ever heard of Biodynamic agriculture?

You must know that it is a term that has very deep roots and finds its founder in Rudolf Steiner ; he created Biodynamics in 1924 to offer farmers an alternative to the slavery of chemical products for fertilizing and protecting plants. The biodynamic agriculture movement, now widespread throughout the world, works to guarantee the restoration of the land and the renewal of agriculture, according to 3 main objectives.

- Keep the land fertile from cultivation to cultivation
- Keep plants in good health without using any chemical substances
- Produce ingredients rich in active and nutritional ingredients

The biodynamic method is the purest and cleanest type of cultivation: free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilizers used in traditional agriculture, it allows us to obtain the most concentrated and effective active ingredients, while respecting the ecosystem.

Land cultivated with biodynamic agriculture, compared to land managed with traditional methods, is up to 60% more resistant to erosion and the risk of desertification . Not only that: they react better to climate change because they are stronger and more efficient, they protect biodiversity and preserve and consume fewer water resources . In short, these are real "super soils" capable of producing healthier foods richer in organoleptic properties which - as over 20 years of studies have shown - naturally become more fertile and resistant.

You may wonder how you recognize Biodynamic products.

Biodynamic products are identified on the market by the Demeter logo and cover the entire agricultural food range, both fresh and processed.

From vegetables to cereals, from meat to legumes, from fruit to wine, from dairy products to pasta and so on. All are compulsorily checked also for compliance with the CE regulation for organic products.

They are products in all respects with public organic certification and the private international brand Demeter. Double control, double certification.

The farmers, processors and distributors who are members of Demeter Italia are responsible for guaranteeing biodynamic quality to consumers with an objective and professional system which is in turn checked annually by Demeter International . (


MADRETERRA is starting to introduce not only organic but also biodynamic products. I want to give you the best, the highest quality and the healthiest product possible.

I am carrying out my project of looking for products that are not only high quality but also healthy and sustainable, which is why my shop is called MADRETERRA.

I'll be waiting for you in the shop to come and discover our new Biodynamic products.

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