The eggs we find packaged on supermarket shelves are often the product of the suffering suffered by hens in intensive farming.

In addition to the exploitation of the hen, these eggs also have an unfavorable nutritional profile, in particular very rich in inflammatory fats different from the good fats present in free-range hen eggs.

Not buying these types of eggs anymore helps make a conscious choice from an ethical and health point of view.

Only a conscious choice during your purchases can save millions of chickens from these sufferings, and it's surprising how easy it is! A little extra attention when choosing the eggs, nothing else.

If you instead prefer organically farmed eggs, we are sure that the hens have at least had a dignified life, with the possibility of scratching around in an outdoor space and giving free rein to their behavioral needs, mainly including movement. Here the chickens are fed with natural, non-genetically modified feed and do not undergo barbaric mutilations; furthermore, organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic substances which promote growth, increase the appetite and hinder the natural development of the animal: all treatments which unfortunately are not prohibited in other types of farming and where they are therefore regularly practiced, always with the sole aim of reducing costs.

On the other hand, the objective of all farmers who do not use organic methods is precisely to reduce costs, certainly not to provide a healthy product to the consumer!

This is because the large supermarkets have accustomed us to low costs but we are losing quality.

On the market you can find both brown and white eggs, but apart from the shell there are no big differences.

Many claim that white eggs are free of cholesterol or have a reduced amount of it compared to classic brown eggs . Still, some claim that white eggs are fat-free.

These beliefs are incorrect as the nutritional properties of white eggs and brown eggs are similar; The color of the egg shell is influenced only by genetic factors and has no importance on the nutritional properties of the egg white and yolk! According to chicken farmers, Livorno eggs (white shell) consumed raw have a particular "almondy" taste, even cooked they can give different nuances to the palate; due to this organoleptic peculiarity, white eggs are on the market at a higher price than other types of eggs.


Let's dispel this other myth.

Thanks to a study by researchers at University of Sydney , it has been proven that eggs are not harmful to health and do not significantly increase the blood cholesterol levels .

In fact, research has highlighted that the problem is not the quantity of cholesterol contained in the egg yolks, but the type of fats consumed in the diet. The experimentation divided the study participants into two groups. The first group ate two eggs a day for six days a week, while the second ate less than two eggs every seven days. All participants, however, had to follow a diet based on unsaturated fats , i.e. good fats, to the detriment of saturated fats.

The results were surprising. In fact, the first group, the one that followed the egg diet , did not show an increase in cholesterol levels, as expected.

MADRETERRA has chosen to treat eggs from the Fantolino company as we were lucky enough to visit the company and meet Mrs. Fantolino in person who guaranteed us the breeding method and the quality of her eggs.

This is not why "the Fantolino egg" was selected by the starred chef Davide OLDANI.

Soon we will also have the chef's "signature" eggs in store.

Now all you have to do is choose whether to use cheap eggs produced by exploited hens or cook organic eggs from natural breeding with "happy" hens and feel like a starred chef too.

Come to the store to get the eggs you deserve!

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