How MADRETERRA was born

My name is VALENTINA INGLESE and together with my husband TURCHIARELLI ANGELO we are the founders of MADRETTERA.

The birth of MADRETERRA was born from our passion for good food.

Like you, we also like to eat well but we always found it very difficult to find local Italian and typical regional products of artisanal quality.

All supermarkets now have their Gourmet or Premium line but the products are excellent simply for the fact that to keep up with their orders a company must have a high production and small producers don't have it.

One evening after having eaten yet another product that had not met our expectations we said to ourselves: "why don't we open a shop and look for the best products?".

From that evening MOTHEREARTH was born.

My husband has been in the food world for more than 15 years and immediately began researching and selecting producers.

Except that we don't focus on the purchase of a product but we delve into the reality of those who produce it and whether they can always guarantee high level quality.

We have standardized this selection process with the creation of a list of 30 characteristics that the product and the supplier must satisfy; we have given this process the name TOP-MADRETERRA SELECTION.