Money Back Guarantee


We are committed to always giving you the best but it may happen that the product does not satisfy you because our producers are artisans and sometimes some imperfections may occur, but don't worry we will refund you what you spent up to €100.

  1. No more than 15 days must have passed from the delivery date to the refund request.
  2. The Guarantee is void if external agents that do not depend on Madreterra intervene. Example: incorrect storage of the product, exposure of the product near heat sources, etc.
  3. The refund takes place through the provision of a shopping voucher with a value equal to the subtotal of the products purchased (transport costs - if any - and VAT are excluded) to be used within 3 months; the invoicing date of the order that did not comply with the requirements of this special Guarantee is valid as the date of invoicing.
  4. Using the Shopping Voucher you can only order the products present on the website at the time of the order.
  5. The guarantee does not apply to the order in which you use a Shopping Voucher.
  6. The maximum refundable amount is €100.00 and will be applied to the subtotal of the products ordered.
  7. The total order - excluding the guarantee - must have a minimum amount of €20.00 in order to send the order.
  8. To request a refund, write an email to