Il panettone, un regalo molto apprezzato... ma DIMENTICATO!

Panettone, a much appreciated gift... but FORGOTTEN!

If you are reading this article it is because you are among the people who are skeptical about giving the classic panettone as a gift.

Due to the large shopping centers, panettone has now been snubbed since it was the undisputed King of Christmas.

Why did this happen?

Simple, now we find all the prices and giving a panettone as a gift would not seem to give importance to the person who receives it.

Or we think, "I wonder how many he'll get?"

Think for a moment, who gives you panettone? Definitely the company you work for and they don't even take one of the good ones; in fact, since you have to buy so many , the cheaper it is, the better.

And then? Who gives it to you?

We find that no one buys panettone anymore as gifts but rather we go and buy it ourselves because otherwise on Christmas day we will be without panettone at the table.

Taking something for granted or the fear of being banal led us to rack our brains to find the original gift.

Artisanal panettone is the most original you can give as a gift; there are many flavors on the market and you can indulge yourself. With coffee, ginger, almond, eggnog, etc., there are all flavors.

But panettone is now being snubbed, I bet you are among those who think:

"I can't show up with a panettone!"

Why not? Do you think there are many people who give away an artisanal panettone? Made as it once was, with sourdough and the highest quality raw materials.

Trust me, there aren't many.

I'll tell you a secret, most of the panettone that I sell are not bought to be given as gifts but rather to be enjoyed with friends or relatives.

When they enter the shop most of my customers tell me:

"I would like a good panettone to eat at Christmas because, like every year, no one will give it to me and if they bring it to me they will buy me the one from the supermarket which I don't like because it makes me sour"

Then they come out with the strangest panettone because every year they want to try something new and different flavours.

If you want to impress the person receiving the gift or you want to be remembered, there is nothing better than grabbing them by the throat.

Panettone is eaten at the end of lunch or at the end of Christmas dinner, if it is good it is remembered and the person who gave it is remembered.

Think for a moment about when you go to eat at a restaurant.

You went into the restaurant they recommended, you ate very well and to end on a high note you had the house dessert with perhaps a good coffee.

If the dessert or coffee is not good you will remember that restaurant as a place where you ate well but it was better not to have dessert.

Likewise, if the dessert was also good, you will remember that restaurant where you ate well and where the desserts are fantastic. You won't remember every single dish you tasted but the last one, the dessert!

It's Christmas, our mother or grandmother has prepared a delicious dinner or lunch for us and what way to end on a high note?

"I'm full but I still have room for a slice of panettone!"

If that panettone is good, you will greatly appreciate whoever gave it to you because it ends something extraordinary in style.

Don't remain anonymous at Christmas, give the gift of an artisanal panettone.

Don't know where to find it?

Don't want to risk making a mistake?

At Madreterra there is a wide choice of artisanal panettone selected directly by me!

I am so sure of the quality of my panettone that my customers receive my personal 100% Money Back Guarantee!

You understood correctly, if the panettone "ruins" your Christmas lunch or dinner, just bring it back to me (even if it has been partly eaten) and I will refund the money for the panettone via a voucher that can be spent in my shop.

If you don't have time to come to the store, start visiting our e-shop: i

Here you will find almost all flavors, I say almost because I always get new ones. If you want to know about the latest arrivals, come and visit us in store or write to us whenever you want on whatapp at 340/8548307.

I am waiting for you.



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