Perchè il farro?

Why spelled?

Finding 100% spelled products on the market is increasingly difficult.

There can be mainly two reasons:

- Due to high costs

- Due to processing difficulties

In fact, on the market, most spelled products, with the exception of pasta, are cut with wheat flour because spelled flour is weak and therefore not suitable for making leavened products.

Then we should not ignore the fact that given the cost of spelled flour, a product made only from this flour certainly cannot be sold at the same price as a product made with normal flour.

Spelled has a particular characteristic whereby the external casings do not separate easily from the grain, and this means that, in order to be used or subjected to grinding for the production of flour, it needs to be subjected to other industrial processes, further increasing its price.

However, many do not know the properties that spelled has and how well our money would be spent if we started introducing products made with this cereal into our diet.

The nutritional value of this flour is high. Spelled flour is mainly used for the production of pasta and bread.

A diet based on products derived from spelled is particularly suitable for those who cannot digest bread, pasta or other products made from durum or soft wheat, but not for celiacs.

Spelled flour has a high fiber content which, together with its remarkable ability to absorb water, makes it a food satiating and slightly laxative.

Going into more detail on a nutritional level, however, it has more proteins than wheat and contains methionine, an essential amino acid found in lower concentrations in other cereals. It is rich in vitamin B, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system, helps make skin and hair more beautiful and above all is essential for the metabolism of lipids and proteins. It has a low glycemic index and important antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of selenium and folic acid. 

It should not be underestimated that many oncology doctors replace their patients with wheat products with spelled ones.

We at Madreterra, given the numerous properties, have specialized for some time in the creation of baked products made only from spelled flour.

One of our strong points is certainly bread but we must not neglect croissants, biscuits and puff pastry.

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