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Puravita Germinated Grains Bread 500 gr

Puravita Germinated Grains Bread 500 gr

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Ingredients: Flours (wheat, germinated brown rice, barley, rye, malted barley), germinated seeds (chickpeas, sunflower, oats), natural yeast (wheat), seeds (sunflower, flax), toasted wheat bran, flakes (malted wheat , oats), honey powder, salt, sugar, antioxidant (ascorbic acid).

Puravita Germinated Grains it is the new naturally healthy and tasty bread. The grains we normally consume are "dormant", waiting to grow and give life to a plant.

In the germination process, however, important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals are released.

Furthermore, the quantity of amino acids also increases in germinated grains which make the bread richer in proteins compared to common wholemeal bread.

The presence of sourdough , seeds and honey allows you to reduce the salt content without altering the unique flavor of the bread.

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