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Chestnut Honey 500 gr - Deliss

Chestnut Honey 500 gr - Deliss

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Chestnut honey chestnut honey is certainly one of the best known and most appreciated honeys. It has a very particular and strong flavor and this is not always appreciated by more delicate palates. However, chestnut honey is rich in beneficial properties that make it a real panacea for our health.

From the flowers of this plant, bees obtain a very special honey. Chestnut honey is one of the darkest honeys, the color of which is a very intense brown , sometimes tending towards black. (Be wary of the clear ones because it means that they have been "stretched" with other honeys) The smell is often described as acrid, pungent, very strong and very strong. The taste reflects its aroma and is often defined as bitter and incisive . Sweetness, therefore, is not really its distinctive trait.

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