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Mandrile Melis

Loose Cuneesi 100 gr - Mandrile Melis

Loose Cuneesi 100 gr - Mandrile Melis

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Liqueur chocolates in various flavours, characterized by a strong and creamy filling and the typical "bombée" shape.

The Cuneo al Rhum is the flagship, it is the delight of only dark chocolate, which has enjoyed the greatest success with the public for 40 years.

The price indicated is for 100 g of product.

To have a mixed bag, select the various flavors you want considering that by entering quantity 1, 100 g of product will be delivered.


To have a mixed bag with 200 g of cuneesi with rum and 100 g of cuneesi with cremino, insert 2 rum and 1 cremino into the quantities.

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