Madreterra is a boutique of genuine and artisanal, beautiful and tasty products.

It cannot be reduced to a simple niche food shop, because Madreterra's staff is constantly looking for excellence and innovation and aims to propose a healthy lifestyle to improve their daily lives. This objective is pursued on the one hand by being totally open to the advice and needs of customers, and on the other by proposing meetings that bring customers closer to the products and producers.

Madreterra is a project of young people, of kids who carefully observe the surrounding world, made up of small businesses (just like Madreterra) who work with dedication and passion and thanks to this peculiarity they deserve attention and support.

Madreterra was born in Italy, even in a context that is not strictly urban and metropolitan, but is inspired by a cosmopolitan ideal and takes inspiration from shops visited in European metropolises, spaces dedicated to exhibition and also socialization. Yes, because at Madreterra you immerse yourself in a context that encourages you to be together, to chat with the staff or with those who are hanging around the tables looking for inspiration.

The shop is deliberately furnished with artisanal, handmade elements and high quality materials: only in this way was it possible to create a coherent environment that can highlight each product sold even more.

Customers will find in the staff a point of reference who does not want to appear intrusive but to satisfy needs and desires, if necessary also ordering ad hoc the products requested and which may be missing: having a direct and trusting relationship with artisans and producers means precisely responding to needs that emerge from time to time and each customer will also be an incentive to improve and increase the range of products.