Negozi di quartiere o supermercato ? SALUTE o Malattie?

Neighborhood shops or supermarket? HEALTH or Diseases?

In recent years we have been used to going to large shopping centers because we find everything there and spend less.

But are you sure?

It's true that you can find everything you need in one place, but do you save money?

Have you ever noticed that when they offer products for €1, most of the products are ungrammatical, that is, they have a very low weight.

Lately the large supermarkets have been making more and more aggressive offers because they no longer know how to get people to do their shopping there.

So I wonder, where are you going to buy?

Don't go to neighborhood shops, don't go to supermarkets....go to discount stores!

It's true that you can find industrial products that cost little but have you ever thought that:

"You pay little for products but you PAY more for HEALTH?"

We now live in a society in which our food choices increasingly impact our health, increasing what are called "diseases of well-being" (obesity, hypertension, diabetes, etc.)

You understood correctly, industrial products may cost little but they are not good for our health.

Try to pay attention, now you can find sugar everywhere, even in canned beans.

Too much sugar as you know is not good for anyone and this is just a very trivial example.

At this point why not make a HEALTHY choice and start eating better but above all products with the "natural flavour" that we have now lost?

MADRETERRA has this objective, to offer its customers products with a "natural flavour" made with genuine ingredients and above all non-industrial products.

Of course we are not the cheapest shop but if you do your math well here you eat well, spend the right amount and above all you gain in HEALTH.

Don't wait, come and visit us in store or buy online.


"Natural Flavors"

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