Il cous cous è un anticolesterolo

Couscous is anti-cholesterol

Here I am, as promised today I start this new experiment and write this first article on a food that we are not so used to using in our kitchen.

Couscous is the third most popular cereal in international cuisine after pasta and rice.

This is why it carries the name of food for peace.

Light, nutritious and very digestible, it contains vitamins, proteins and fiber but zero cholesterol.

A characteristic of couscous is that it provides an incredible reserve of energy, practically without adding fat. Furthermore, its "scavenger" fibers help to lower LDL cholesterol.

It gives a quick feeling of fullness but the numerous fibers of this cereal contribute to this effect, especially in the wholemeal version (about 3 grams per 100) which allow you to clean the intestine well, helping to prevent colon cancer.

If enriched with a pinch of chili pepper and curry, couscous tones the heart and arteries, reduces cholesterol and triglycerides and prevents edema.

If you combine it with pumpkin and lentils or chickpeas you get a balanced and anti-cholesterol dish and, thanks to the fibers of the pumpkin, also help for irritated intestines.

Finally, if you want a restorative and healthy snack, you can consume it as a dessert: enrich it with raisins, 4 almonds, brown sugar and a sliced ​​pear.

I hope you liked this article and I would be happy if you would give me your feedback in some way (a like, a comment, etc.)

All I have to do is say goodbye and see you again next Friday with the next article in the column DID YOU KNOW THAT...

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